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Case Studies - Exterior Structures

Case Studies - Exterior Structures

International Challenge Course Company

3-Story Air Attack Training TowerChallenge: This company was contracted to build a unique combat training structure for Nellis AFB.Solution: They had worked with Panel Built before, and chose them with confidence to produce a superior product that satisfied the design requirements, time frame and price for the project...

British Petroleum

Challenge: To capture rich natural gas reserves in Wyoming, BP had to create a living and working environment in a very remote location. This project had to be completed quickly, under extremely harsh working conditions...


Oceaneering Multiflex needed two elevated exterior metal buildings that could withstand hurricane force winds. Panel Built provided a unique design that met all of their specifications...

Wright-Patterson AFB

Ballistic Rated Guard House Challenge - To provide both housing and protection for its gate guards, Wright-Patterson needed a guardhouse that could provide full climate control while also resisting gunfire. The guardhouse needed to be pre-assembled and shipped, fully intact, for installation on site...

Case Studies

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