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Metal Stairs, Metal Stairways & Ladders Image Gallery

Panel Built’s metal stairs, hand rails and metal railing are engineered, fabricated and powder coated at our plant for a lasting finish and fast delivery. Our ladders and cage ladder also feature solid steel construction and a powder coat finish. Specialty metal hand rail is also available and meets OSHA, IBC, UBC and BOCA codes.

Click the thumbnails below to view images of our Metal Stairs, hand rail and ladders.

Cage Ladder

Metal Stairs with Metal Railing

Mezzanine Metal Stairways


Cage Ladder 1

Cage Ladder 2

IBC Mercantile Metal Stairs & Hand Rail 1


IBC Mercantile Metal Stairs & Hand Rail 2

IBC Mercantile Metal Stairs & Hand Rail 3

IBC Mercantile - Metal Stairways with Landing


Ship's Ladder

Stair System with Metal Railing

Warner Robins Metal Stair System


Image Gallery

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Need a modular, easy to assemble mezzanine system? Our systems are ideal for adding interior offices, vision towers or storage space to almost any facility.

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