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Modular Building Solutions
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Modular Office System Diagram

At the heart of all Panel Built products are quality components, solid construction and customer satisfaction. Our interior modular office features standard 3" thick modular walls, available in a variety of surface finishes. This makes us one of the most flexible suppliers of interior modular offices, exterior aluminum metal buildings, mezzanines and mezzanine systems in the industry today.

modular office diagram

1. 20-Ga. Steel Door
Galvanized,1 3/4" thick, painted, with tempered glass window.

2. Value Core Panel
Polystyrene core permanently bonded to one of many available facing materials.

3. Binder Post System
Binder post connects the panels with receptacle and electricla wiring run down the center.

4. Fork/Crane Liftable Base
Optional heavy-duty welded structural steel base with pockets for forklift.

5. Steel Dust Cover
22 gauge 1 - 1/2" deep ribbed steel B-deck


6. Foam Gasket
Provides added sound and weatherproofing.

7.Painted Aluminum Extrusions
Top and bottom channels and corner postst.

8. Acoustical Drop Ceiling
Pre-painted metal 2x4 grid accepts standard fixtures and acoustical tile.

9. Flourescent 2'x4' Light Fixture
Includes 4-lamp fixture with acrylic lens.

10. Windows
Fixed or sliding 1/4" tempered glass.

11. Duplex Receptacle
Located in binder post, data and phone also available.

We are dedicated to being innovative and an industry leader. With our continually improved product features and benefits, our customers receive the best modular manufacturers have to offer. Here are just a few of PBI’s key features and benefits:

  • A full product line — for a one-stop shop to save time and money.
  • Fire ratings — to meet local codes, provide safety and decrease insurance costs.
  • Widest variety of facings in the industry — to have just the structure you need for your application.
  • Clear and detailed proposals — so you will know exactly what you are getting for your capital investment.
  • Drawings with our proposals — so you can see what you are getting and make changes to enhance your project.
  • Short lead-time — for flexibility to have the project you need when you need it.
  • Monolithic Panels — one piece constructed panels that install faster and provide a better finished building.
  • On time deliveries — for project control and peace of mind.
  • Ease of Installation — our modular systems can be installed by in-house staff or by professional installers. Either way, a quick, easy installation results in a low cost installation.
  • Custom capability — to have the building that you want, just the way you want it.
  • Aesthetics — matching connections, paint and the use of powder coating on various products — eliminating the modular feel and providing a designed interior and modern look.
  • In-house Installation.

Modular Building Systems

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Need a modular, easy to assemble mezzanine system? Our systems are ideal for adding interior offices, vision towers or storage space to almost any facility.

Case Studies:

International Challenge Course Company

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Executive Coach Builders

Modular office & two mezzanines Executive Coach Builders is the second largest ...

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Interior Offices
Versatile and Economical Modular Inplant Office Space

Panel Built modular office buildings provide a safe, clean and quiet industrial or professional environment. Ideal for warehouse office applications or any commercial setting.

Lockheed Martin mezzanine
Structural Steel Mezzanines Expand Storage Space

Heavy-duty Mezzanine Built mezzanine systems and industrial platforms install quickly and can be custom designed to suit any space.

Conventional Building Features in Less Lead Time

These durable and attractive prefabricated structures are ideal for many modular and industrial building applications. Our exterior prefabricated buildings are the fastest way to add space.

Three story modular office
Maximize space with a two-or three story modular inplant office. Access upper levels with a custom powdercoated stair system.

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