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Modular Building Solutions
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Multi-Story Modular In-plant Offices

A Better Way To Create Space - Multi-Story Systems

Available in a variety of panel finishes, PBI can flexibly meet your requirements for acoustics, R-factors, chemical resistance and aesthetics. Our pre-coated aluminum panels are resistant to abrasion and easily cleaned. For low maintenance, our vinyl covered gypsum panels are available with powder-coated binder posts for seamless appearance.

Doors and windows are carefully selected for quality and performance.

PBI can effectively and economically divide your plant space with free-standing modular office complexes, environmentally controlled rooms, equipment enclosures, clean room enclosures and more.

Multi-Story Modular Offices and Prefabricated Buildings:

  • Utilize wasted air space.
  • Meet major building codes.
  • Can adapt to growing and changing plant needs.
  • Offer tax benefits, such as tax depreciation over 7 years.
  • Are available with fire, sound and insulation options.
  • Provide consolidation.
  • Allow plant viewing.

Excellent for a supervisory or warehouse office, vision towers, modular offices and additional storage space, PBI’s stackable two-story (and even three-story) prefabricated buildings, mezzanines and modular office complexes provide a clear view of plant work areas and converts wasted air space into productive work environments.

Load-bearing metal structures support two-story construction. Our structural panels, durable painted aluminum extrusions, top and bottom channels, matching divider strips and corner posts provide the most conventional looking modular office buildings and modular offices you can purchase in today’s market.

A Sample CAD drawing of an Office/Mezzanine Complex, which includes:

1. Eight Executive Modular Offices
2. Storage Mezzanine
3. Clean Room
4. Break Room

Two-Story modular offices and prefabricated buildings install quickly and reclaim wasted high ceiling space. These custom designed two-story modular offices are engineered for years of use, you can relocate or expand your building as your needs change.

Save time and money by building “up” instead of “out”. This 4,500 square foot office complex with metal stair systems and a mezzanine for Cessna Aircraft was designed to house eight executive modular offices and a new training production line on the second level, with a break room, clean room and an additional storage building on the ground level.

Modular Inplant Office Systems

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Need a modular, easy to assemble mezzanine system? Our systems are ideal for adding interior offices, vision towers or storage space to almost any facility.

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