Panel Built’s 2017 Summer Engineering Interns

Panel Built recently hosted three interns over the summer of 2017:

Dev Kedia, Ji Qi, and Xiaofeng Liu. Each of them were asked five questions about their time and experiences working here, and while it was sad to see them go, all left valuable feedback so that future interns and employees at Panel Built have an idea of what working at the company is truly like.

What was your role here at Panel Built?

Devesh: I worked in process improvement for the first half of the internship. Later, I moved to the engineering department to draft mezzanines and stairs.

Ji: Data/quality analyst.

Xiaofeng: Data/quality analyst.

What did you find most challenging about the experience?

Devesh: When I moved to drafting, I did not have any prior experience with AUTOCAD. The last time I used any CAD in my undergrad projects was at least two years ago. So, I would say learning AUTOCAD was a great challenge that I cherished.

Ji: Figure things about myself when encountering something new.

Xiaofeng: I like super accurate things, but the reality is always full of uncertainty. It is a big challenge for me to figure out a good way to predict the freight costs and labor hours.

What did you learn in your time here?

Devesh: Apart from learning AUTOCAD, I learned how to communicate with different people here at the workplace. Being an international student, there are some differences in the way we communicate professionally. So it was really fun learning American sense of humor and the southern culture.

Ji: I know w I will like doing in my future career.

Xiaofeng: I learned a lot during the past three months. Before that, I had almost zero knowledge about modular buildings and engineering stuff. Now I know lots of terminologies about walls, panels, and the names of some tiny screws. After working on the project about hip roof material list, I can tell you all the materials that we need just based on dimension. Technically, I can build the roof by myself from scratch now. I also got some knowledge of quick ship cost, welded booth price sheet and freight cost. In addition, people here are so nice. I love the saying that “we were born to make manifest the glory of god that is within us, and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” I feel like I got the permission from the people at Panel Built to become a nicer person.



Left to Right: Ji Qi, Xiaofeng Liu, Trey Thomas(Engineering Supervisor), and Devesh Kedia

Interns Lake

What did you enjoy most about working here?

Devesh: I thoroughly relished working in continuous improvement and creating weekly presentations based on my research. These weekly presentations included the owner, the general manager, and my engineering supervisor. My supervisor was really supportive and helpful throughout the internship. This is a place, where despite being an intern, my findings were taken seriously and actions were being discussed on how to make the plants more efficient. I felt very useful and significant. I absolutely loved the constructive feedback I received through these meetings which helped me develop professionally.

Ji: I most enjoyed the comfortable working environment.

Xiaofeng: I love the people at Panel Built so much! They are nice and helpful! It is a big family and I feel like it is my base in US. No matter what I do, where I go, I know there are a group of friends here who I would like to share the happiness with.


What would you say to someone thinking of interning at Panel Built in the future?

Devesh: The people in Panel Built are really affable and very easy to approach and talk to. Since this is a growing company, there are a lot of opportunities for improvement and for the interns to be significantly involved and learn a lot of things in the process. Also, I think Blairsville is a beautiful place to live with a lot of scenic beauties nearby, and I completely enjoyed my stay and my internship with Panel Built.

Ji: Enjoy yourself and good luck. Trey is the best supervisor ever. (Nice Trey!)

Xiaofeng: Interning at Panel Built is an unforgettable and very important experience in my whole life. My first internship, my first time seeing a real deer, first time driving on the crazy mountain roads, first time I feel I might be the only Chinese around, the gorgeous lake view from the cozy cabin, and also the huge red Ford car. So many sweet memories. I really cherish every single moment working at Panel Built and staying in Blairsville. Panel Built is a good company and keeps growing. It is a big family and the company cares about the development of every single person. They treat me nice and truly valued me from Day 1 and I never expected I would have a big surprise with cake, balloons, card, and toy on my last day. It is really my great honor to work for it. Thank you again for everything! All the best wishes to the lovely people here and Panel Built.

Our three interns said it best, Panel Built is a memorable, kind, and comforting place to work that truly values its employees. We make sure the experience while here is one that you find enjoyable and gain worthwhile experience from. Dev Kedia, Ji Qi, and Xiaofeng Liu, we can not thank you enough for the hard work and time you put in over the summer, and all the best wishes to you all in your future endeavors. To the prospective employees and interns, Panel Built looks forward to having you in the future!

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