Get to Know Angie Vinez


    • If you could go back in time, what time period would you travel to?      The late 1800s. How cool would it be to see horses everywhere instead of cars? Of course, the whole not having electricity thing could be a bummer.
    • How do you recharge / what is your favorite hobby?
           I love hiking, photography, and creating things: design, crafts, you name it. I am not one to just sit around. I always have to be doing something.
    • When are you the happiest?
          I try to be happy all the time.
    • Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know__________.
          That I love Jesus and try to pattern my life as an example so others can see HIM_. .
    • What would you most regret NOT having done at the end of your life?
          I’m wishing I had taken more naps in pre-school. Especially now that I’m a mom of 8 whom NEVER sleeps.
    • What characteristic do you most admire in others?
    • Do you prefer Windows or Mac? Why? 
         Windows. It’s what I’ve always used.
    • If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
          My homemade chicken and dumplings.
    • What would you sing at Karaoke night?
         Any Disney Princess song. 
    • If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?
         Shop with a pre-paid credit card with no limit. ALL DAY.
    • What was your first car?
          A MAGENTA Mercury Tracer Trio
    • Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them!
          2 Dogs: Otis & Scout, and 3 Cats: Sadie, Boomer, and Fluffy. Anybody want one? 
    • Star-Trek or Star Wars? Why?
          Star Wars. Is there any other answer to be given?
    • Are you married? Kids? Tell us about them!
      My husband and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary this year. (He is also a hard-working Panel Built employee.) We have 8 kids: Ashley will turn 21 this year and is in her sophomore year at Young Harris College. Zander is 14 and is an amazing artist. Jace is 13 and is our sports fanatic. Lucy is 11 and she’s our animal lover. Parker is 9 and is a huge Star Wars fan. Gage is 7 and he loves all things superhero related. Carly is 5 and is our girly-girl. And Sawyer is 3 and is ALL BOY. He keeps me on my toes more than any of the others. One fun thing our family does is that we each have our own Superhero that we share certain character traits. If you look at the back of our Suburban, you’ll see all 10 super hero logos along the bumper.
    • Where did you grow up?
          I was born in NE Ohio and spent the first 11 years of my life there. At 11 years old, I moved to the NW suburbs of Chicago and stayed there for 11 years. After that, I moved back to Ohio. That’s where I met Gene and eventually, we moved down here.
    • What is your favorite childhood memory?
         Any memory that involves my Daddy. I lost him to a rare form of cancer when I was 19, but the memories I have of him before that time are some of the most precious to me.

Work related questions:

      • What motivates you to work hard?
           Colossians 3:23
      • What departments have you worked in at PBI?
           I started in approvals and recently moved to the Sales team.
      • What would you be doing if you weren’t at your current job?
        I’d be a stay at home mom of my 8 kids.
      • What is your biggest pet peeve at work?
            Grammar mistakes in emails.
      • How long have you been at PBI?
           Since December 11, 2017.
      • What is your favorite PBI memory?
           The day I gave Michelle Murray her own Superhero name. 
      • What is the best part of working at PBI?
            The people. Never have I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people. It’s truly like an extended part of my family. (And we all know how I feel about big families!) 
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