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Attendant booths allow your company to monitor the travel in, out, and through your facility, and provide your guests with support at all times. Adding a parking attendant booth provides an extra dimension of customer service to your company that you did not even know you needed.  When guests are moving through your facility, or park, or even parking lot, they may have questions about your company or may be lost. With an attendant booth, you will be able to provide them with any information that they may need, face to face.  Also, it will offer you with extra opportunities to provide them with marketing brochures, pamphlets, or coupons.

And, at the same time, your attendant booth can serve as a security booth.  The main purpose of the booth will be interacting with customers, but it will also be able to provide an extra eye at the parking deck entrance.  Ultimately, our parking attendant booths are the perfect way to provide support and information to customers, while keeping employees comfortable and out of the elements.

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Attendent Booth Features

  • Designed to withstand up to 185+ mph wind loads
  • Custom built to suit your specific application
  • Insulated and weather proof roof systems
  • Available in shed, gable and hip roof designs
  • All levels of UL and NIJ ballistic protection
  • Offered in a variety of sizes and can be painted your custom color.

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