September 2013
  • 23 Sep 2013

    Effective Space Utilization With Modular Inplant Offices

    Have you space utilization needs changed over time? If your needs have changed, or if you simply need to configure purchased or rented space differently than it is now, modular inplant offices can be a very convenient and affordable solution. You can get your new offices delivered in days, and they
  • 22 Sep 2013

    Find A Modular Office Building For Sale

    Many businesses have already discovered the utility and economy of modular office buildings. These buildings can provide businesses with anything from a small and portable jobsite office to a large multi-story office building. They can also provide this space in less time and with a much smaller inv
  • 21 Sep 2013

    What You Need To Know About Modular Office Solutions

    Even in the challenging economic circumstances we face today, businesses need solutions for effective, efficient growth and production. While companies may be challenged by dwindling budgets, their needs to accommodate their workers and provide a working environment that is conducive to profitable b
  • 20 Sep 2013

    Reasons For Installing An In Plant Office

    If you are a business owner, and you have a large indoor facility, you might want to consider installing a modular in plant office on your worksite. Whether you are thinking about installing a break room, guard booth, lunchroom or a training area, these modular offices are not only cost-effective to
  • 18 Sep 2013

    Modular Buildings: A Trending Concept With Many New Innovations

    A well-designed modular building can serve many different purposes. You can have the functionality you need of a brick and mortar business interface but the portability and affordability that these types of movable buildings provide. They can help you get things off the ground and put more profits i
  • 17 Sep 2013

    Transforming the Office with Modular Buildings

    Custom Modular Building
    The way office buildings were once created and assembled has completely changed over time. Now, thanks to companies like Panel Built, modular buildings are becoming the new wave of office structures. These types of facilities are being used all over the world, and not just for offices. Modular build



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