May 2014
  • 29 May 2014

    Modular Construction Companies

    Why Modular Buildings are so Popular Buildings constructed off-site using the same standards and codes as conventionally-built buildings with the same designing and materials are called modular buildings. These facilities are produced in “modules” that are put together on site to mimic the ident
  • 13 May 2014

    Greatest Modular Inplant Offices

    Panel Built: Serving the Greatest Modular Office Rooms Don’t you want the best for your office personnel? After all, these are the people who work hard every day to make sure that each task assigned to your company is completed on time. That’s why you can’t skimp out on quality and have to pur
  • 15 May 2014

    Affordable Pre-Assembled Buildings

    Searching For Pre-Assembled Guard House Turn to Panel Built When it comes to a business’ security unit, you want to make sure that they’re given the best of everything. This includes items like uniforms, weapons and even their pre-assembled guard shacks. After all, we employ officers and other s
  • 26 May 2014

    Cheap Modular Guard Shacks Online

    Panel Built: Your Go-To Company When You Need a Prefabricated Guard Shack Security is one of the most important professions in our world today. That’s because we rely on these individuals to keep the peace in our society, making sure that citizens everywhere obey the rules set forth. Since our wo
  • 23 May 2014

    Where To buy ISO 7 Cleanroom Online

    Modular Cleanrooms: What Do They Offer Your Business? A modular cleanroom is a controlled environment that is often used in a manufacturing facility and scientific research facility. They are designed to help control the amount of contamination through monitoring all of the surface and airborne part
  • 19 May 2014

    Modular Cleanrooms Available Online

    Class 1,000 Cleanroom: What Are They? Generally used in scientific research facilities, a class 1,000 cleanroom is a type of controlled environment that has a minimal amount of pollutants in it. Everything from microbes to chemical vapors, dust and aerosol particles will be kept at levels far lower



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