August 2014
  • 29 Aug 2014

    Reliable Modular Shipping Office

    Why a Modular Shipping Office is the Right Choice for You If you are in the market for an easy way to add covered space to construction or manufacturing sites there are several ways you can achieve this new space. Traditional Construction A Modular Unit Both options provide excellent benefits. T
  • 25 Aug 2014

    The Best Pre Built Portable Building Offices

    Innovative Portable Office Designs for Businesses One of the growing trends in the business world is to expand as quickly as possible. People want to become big, and that means having a great setup and functional space. It also means cutting costs down as much as possible. One thing that is helping
  • 22 Aug 2014

    Prefab Metal Building Prices

    Pros and Cons of Metal Building Construction When you need a new building, whether it’s a church, guardhouse or office space, making the right choice regarding construction of your unit can have a big impact on how satisfied you are with your finished product. Deciding on whether a traditional str
  • 18 Aug 2014

    The Benefits Of Modular Office Buildings

    Using Modular Office Systems to Increase Your Work Space For many growing businesses extra space is often a necessity, but the funds may not be available. Without additional space to grow the business may suffer, but without sufficient funds to cover the cost of a new building the business could su
  • 15 Aug 2014

    Types Of Pre Assembled Buildings

    The Benefits of Pre-Assembled Buildings Pre-Assembled buildings are a great way to expand your territory or get the most out of the land you already own. Your business’ buildings are very valuable assets and location is important. For many businesses, cutting initial construction costs is hard. Be
  • 8 Aug 2014

    Modular Security Booths

    Top-Quality Guard Booth Modules from Panel Built Panel Built Modular Building Systems specializes in building transferrable structural modules customized to our clients' needs. Guard booths (also called guard shacks or guard houses) are a specialty of ours. No large property should be without an ad



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