August 2015
  • 28 Aug 2015

    Best Modular Office Buildings For Sale

    When you are in the warehouse or manufacturing business, you don’t need a nice office space in a new building to satisfy your needs and your employee’s needs. With our modular offices, you can have your offices up to three stories with all of the benefits of an actual building. Your employees wi
  • 19 Aug 2015

    Panel Built’s Pre-Assembled Buildings

    When you are looking for a guard house, a watch tower, a ticket booth, or other types of pre-assembled buildings, Panel Built has everything you need. If you have a big project that needs to be watched over or an event that involves purchasing tickets, we have the strategies and the buildings you ne
  • 17 Aug 2015

    Best Modular Cleanroom Mezzanine

    In 1995, our company was founded by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan. When they founded the company, they started with the construction of pre-manufactured buildings. Today, not only does Panel Built offer the best available modular cleanroom mezzanine, we also offer a complete line of custom modular o
  • 17 Aug 2015

    Separate Yourself with Modular In Plant Offices

    There are many reasons for which you might need to know where to find in plant offices online. Generally, the most typical reason is that you need a separate workspace within an existing workspace and setting up a card table isn’t going to do the trick. The right modular in-plant office will provi
  • 15 Aug 2015

    How a Guard Shack can Save your Business

    As your business grows there is a need to keep it protected, which is sometimes easier said than done. That being said, you will undoubtedly find that you need to install a guard shack, perhaps in a number of different places throughout your facility. The first and most obvious place for you to set
  • 12 Aug 2015

    Find Cheap Modular Cleanrooms for Sale

    In any business there are certain things that you will need to obtain, but in some businesses you will find that getting a cleanroom is more than necessary – it is required, especially if you are to conduct your business legally. The search for a cleanroom can be a bit intimidating, as you have pr



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