October 2015
  • 28 Oct 2015

    5 ReasonsYou Should Get Prefabricated Mezzanines for Your Business

    Prefabricated mezzanines are custom built to fit a specific area. These can be single or multiple levels and they are often installed within manufacturing plants, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centers, institutions, recreation or government facilities e
  • 23 Oct 2015

    Everything you need to know about prefabricated security guard houses

    Science has revolutionized our life. If our forefathers were to visit this world now they fail to recognize it. Everything wears a new look. Our houses, clothes, food, means of communication, manufacture of goods, methods of networking – all have changed beyond recognition. The speed with which sc
  • 20 Oct 2015

    10 Reasons to choose Prefabricated Modular Buildings

    Modular construction methods have various advantages over traditional construction within the industry. The most inherent advantage is the flexibility with industrial modular buildings. Since modular buildings are prefabricated, they can be adjusted, expanded, reduced or relocated as per the need of
  • 16 Oct 2015

    6 Benefits of Using PreFabricated Metal Buildings

      In the old days, constructing a building was a menace. Engineers had to start from scratch by bending and shaping metals to achieve what they wanted. With a lot of time and resources wasted through this method, engineers came up with something called pre-engineered metal buildings. These m
  • 13 Oct 2015

    Becoming the Best Office Solutions for Many Businesses

    Years of experience in engineering flexible designs with the durability and ease of installation are how we have perfected our Modular Offices. Providing a range of services that go from single offices to multi-story in plant offices, Panel Built has become a solution to many businesses for Modular
  • 8 Oct 2015

    Customized Pre-assembled Modular Offices are the Future

    Specially designed and suited for commercial, industrial or military space management concerns which require urgent building solutions. Panel Built has meet all such needs with perfection, having the best engineers to provide the best exterior or interior systems that are assembled in our factory an



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