November 2016
  • 30 Nov 2016

    7 Sectors Improved Through Modular Construction

    Modular Construction Benefits
    Warehousing  There is one aspect of the warehousing industry that is more important than just about all others, efficiency.  Whether it be efficiency in the storage of materials or efficiency in moving inventory from one area to another, continually improving your warehouse can save you a
  • 11 Nov 2016

    9 Useful Applications for Prefabricated Security Booths

    Security Booth Application
    Because every prefabricated building we make is custom built for each of our customers, they can be designed in a nearly limitless number of ways. We allow our customers to specify the exact appearance and function of their building in order to fulfill their unique needs. These prefab buildings can
  • 4 Nov 2016

    8 Ways Panel Built Can Make Your Facility Safer

    Warehouse Safety
    In 2015, the transportation and warehousing industries had the second highest rate of injury per 100 full-time employees, and workers in these industries saw the most days away from work due to these injuries. Manufacturing was tied with construction with the fourth highest rate of injury. These inc



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