April 2017
  • 28 Apr 2017

    Why Do You Need a Relocatable Office?

    Why You Need a Relocatable Office
    It’s simple, just like life, business is dynamic.  Even the people that claim to have everything figured out can be blindsided by change, and rather than taking a leap of faith, it is often best to be prepared for it when it happens.  In this situation, modular construction, specifically
  • 24 Apr 2017

    Modular Construction FAQ

    Modular Construction FAQ
    Being in a unique business like modular construction, there are many nuances that are not exactly the same as traditional construction.  When people think of modular construction, they often think of pre-assembled, “cookie-cutter” buildings and structures that are mass produced.  Howev
  • 17 Apr 2017

    Best Lean Manufacturing Practices

    Lean Manufacturing
    Truly perfect lean manufacturing is a goal that many companies strive for but is ultimately impossible to achieve. Workflows are constantly changing as your business and production environment changes, which means there will always be room for improvement.  To address these problems, many compa
  • 10 Apr 2017

    Modular for Schools

    Modular for Schools
    For education institutions, the need for space can occur at a moment’s notice.  With large amounts of new students coming in and out, classrooms and office space are often needed to accommodate the growth.  However, for many districts, it may be difficult to address this problem bec
  • 3 Apr 2017

    The Difference Between IBC and OSHA Stair Codes

    The Difference Between IBC and OSHA Stair Codes
    When building a stair or ladder system in your facility, there will more than likely be a few standards for the structure to meet in order for it to satisfy your building codes.  These standards for building stairs and ladder systems are set up by OSHA and IBC.  OSHA, known as the Occupat



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