March 2019
  • 29 Mar 2019

    Your Quick Modular Wall System Guide

    best mod wall system guide
    Panel Built's Modular Wall System was designed with one overarching characteristic in mind, flexibility. The walls system itself is composed of 4 ft wide wall panels that connect to one another via our binder post system. This system allows for your modular office to be configured in any layout that
  • 15 Mar 2019

    Panel Built’s Trade Show Appearances for 2019!

    Panel Built's Trade Show Appearances for 2019!
    Panel Built is making an effort to reach out and meet as many industry professionals as we can this year so we will be attending trade shows across the modular construction and material handling industries. So here are a few of the Trade Shows you can find us at!   W
  • 1 Mar 2019

    Reducing Factory Noise and Creating an Overall Safer Workplace

    Reducing Factory Noise
    It can be difficult enough to concentrate at work just in an office environment. However, for the men and women that make their living working on a factory floor, there are additional factors at play, impacting their performance and even their health. Noise levels are a big factor impactin



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