June 2019
  • 28 Jun 2019

    Building Out A Shell Space With Panel Built

    Describes Shell Space Blog Post
    A shell space in real estate refers to a space that is bare on the inside. This can be a property of many different types: Industrial buildings, commercial offices, and even a residential apartment. For industrial spaces, a shell space will typically be a building with little to no interior impr
  • 18 Jun 2019

    Tools to Help Secure Your Campus In Case of a Security Threat

    Unfortunately, there has been a very real, growing threat of violence against school campuses of all types in recent years. And, there has been a growing effort from school systems and law enforcement as a whole to understand the cause of these violent attacks. However, no matter how good we get
  • 10 Jun 2019

    Putting A Contemporary Spin on Your Modular Office Space

    contemporary Modular Offices
    At Panel Built, our modular offices are frequently used in industrial spaces. However, when you picture an industrial office space in your head, it's probably not going to look like the inside of a Google campus. Which is fair. When we think of industrial space, we tend to associate it with an are



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