September 2019
  • 20 Sep 2019

    Modular Testing Labs: A Controlled Space Within Your Budget

    Over Panel Built's nearly 25 years in operation, our wall panel systems have grown in popularity with our customers that are looking to install new space into their facilities quickly and affordably. And when it comes to creating a highly controlled environment, our same wall panel system can be imp
  • 16 Sep 2019

    How Entry Vestibules Boost School Security

    School Vestibule
    School systems all across the country are looking for new ways to increase the safety and security of their students and staff.  Previously, we've discussed how Panel Built helps with Increasing School Safety Measures with Guard Booths.  However, Panel Built offers more than just guard boo
  • 6 Sep 2019

    What are Prefabricated Enclosures Used For?

    enclosure uses
    Businesses and organizations of all types use prefabricated enclosures both inside and outside of their facilities. These are likely buildings that you see all the time in your day to day life either at work, on your way to work, or even in different places around your community. They are used at



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