March 2021
  • 15 Mar 2021

    Panel Built Introduces New Line of Converted Shipping Containers

    New Converted Shipping Containers
    The world of modular building is characterized by the swift construction of quality buildings. Now, Panel Built, Inc. is looking to push these modular benefits even further with their new line of converted shipping containers. Shipping containers offer an incredible starting point for a new modu
  • 9 Mar 2021

    Modular Office Designs: See What Modular Can Do For You!

    Modular Office Designs
    Modular offices may be a vague concept for some people who are not as familiar with Panel Built and our line of work.  Panel Built's office space solutions are all centered around our panelized wall systems.  This wall system allows us to design and install unique, semi-permanent offic
  • 2 Mar 2021

    Why Go Modular With Your Ballistic Building Project?

    New buildings in high-risk areas require a little more protection and safety than your standard construction project.  Ballistic-rated buildings help to mitigate these risks by creating a protective barrier between the objects inside and the threat.  Whenever someone considers a 'high-risk



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