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  • 17 Jan 2019

    Five Uses for Modular Control Rooms

    Control rooms typically serve as the focal point of whatever facility they are in. Depending on the facility, a control room can house one to over a hundred different employees, working together towards a common goal. However, depending on the industry, control rooms can have a few different func
  • 9 Jan 2019

    Cleaning Up a Cluttered Facility with Modular Construction

    Facilities can get more and more crowded and clustered as a company grows.  It is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of running a successful business.   This can be a bittersweet moment for a company as it's a strong signal that you're doing things right. However... If you
  • 3 Jan 2019

    Modular Medical Facility Construction: A Quicker Way to Build

    Medical Facility Construction
    With an increasing overall population, as well as an aging one, the United State's healthcare industry is set to keep increasing in size and spending for the foreseeable future.  Currently, the US per capita health spending for 2018 sits close to $12,000, but that figure is projected to increa
  • 13 Dec 2018

    Protecting Workers with Mezzanine Safety Gates

    Mezzanine Safety Gates
     When installing a new mezzanine in your new facility, it is important to ensure safety is one of your top priorities.  As you can read in some of our previous posts, falls are one of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace (part of the "Fatal Four" workplace injuries that
  • 5 Dec 2018

    Temperature Control with Modular Buildings

    Temperature Control Modular
    There's one question you have to ask before providing a new space in your facility. Will the conditions inside be suitable for the work being done?Most work environments need some degree of temperature control, and Panel Built's modular system has adapted to suit these needs.   Our pan
  • 28 Nov 2018

    Industrial Control Rooms: Minimizing Workplace Hazards

    Industrial Control Rooms-min
    If there's one thing that is consistent throughout most industrial environments, it's the presence of noise.  Depending on the industry, it can range from a low hum to literally having a jet engine ignite (140 dB!).  If workers are operating in this environment for a prolonged period of ti
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