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  • 24 Jul 2015

    Best Modular Office Buildings For Sale

    Do you need a modular office building in your warehouse or manufacturing environment? Sometimes you need an office in order to complete the paperwork, filing, and other small details that  require the use of an office. A office space in a manufacturing or warehouse environment also provides a safe
  • 17 Dec 2014

    Modular In Plant Offices Safe Time and Space

    In any business there are two things that are of the utmost importance: time and space. If you have both of these then you might experience some measure of success. Without them, however, you are going to have some serious problems. For example, you need space to do your work, and if your business e
  • 30 Nov 2014

    Modular Shipping Offices Are a Growing Trend

    It’s no secret that shipping requires a lot of space. Whether you are running a new online sales business or have a giant warehouse full of stock, your business requires real estate. The only issue is that in a changing marketplace, real estate investments are not always ideal. Modular shipping of
  • 24 Nov 2014

    Modular Inplant Offices

    If you’re looking for companies that sell multi-story inplant offices, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re also wondering where to find inplant offices online, Panel Built sells modular offices online. Specifically engineered for flexible design, ease of installation and durability, Pane
  • 23 Nov 2014

    Where to Buy Portable Guard Booths and More

    Pre-fabricated and pre-assembled guard booths, guard shacks, guard houses, modular offices and exterior buildings for sale. Panel Built pre-assembled building systems are especially suited for industrial, commercial or military space management concerns that require an immediate building solut
  • 3 Nov 2014

    Best Panel Built Buildings Online

    Why Industrial Modular Buildings are a Great Option for Small Businesses With the cost of construction rising in many communities, the ability to create new space quickly and at a fraction of the cost can be extremely helpful for businesses, especially small businesses. Because lot size, time and b



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