• 25 Apr 2018

    Alternative Energy Practices for Modular Construction

    Alternative Energy Practices for Modular Construction
    Modular construction is generally regarded as a greener and more environmentally friendly way of building, due to its controlled manufacturing process.  Companies looking to promote the general welfare of the environment often prefer modular construction due to the reduction of waste and reuse
  • 23 Dec 2015

    Three Uses Of Outdoor Prefab Metal Building Structures

    21st century has provided us a way to the future by making things easier and more efficient. Today we can accomplish wonders in a matter of few hours that our ancestors thought of being impossible. One of such wonder is the introduction of prefabricated metal buildings. Building any building or a st
  • 27 Feb 2015

    Modular Shipping Office Services Available Online

    At Panel Built, Inc we strive to make our customers as happy as possible. If you’ve decided that investing in a modular home or office is the right path for you to take, a modular shipping office such as our own provides a swift, dependable way to get your office to you without any hassle. It doe
  • 18 Feb 2015

    Create Superior Modular Office Rooms With Panel Built

    A modular building can be made in almost any shape or size. You can place it in a flexible location and can move it as your business needs change. You should not have to give up functionality in your pursuit of modular office space. Special modular office rooms and mezzanine space can help you get
  • 16 Feb 2015

    Find Durable Guard Shacks

    Security is an important aspect in building a successful business. A guard shack is centrally placed enabling you to have control of the work place. We understand how beneficial it is to have a modular guard shack dependent on your business. Guard shacks work in response to recommended liabilities,
  • 26 Nov 2014

    Understanding the Best Available Metal Building Offices for Sale

    Expanding a building is never an easy task. Many businesses struggle with the decision to expand or build an entirely new building. The decision almost always comes down to finances. Prefab metal buildings can be a great way to get the space you need to thrive without having to invest as much money



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