• 15 Aug 2018

    Prefab Storage Units: Fast Protection for Your Equipment


    Regardless of the type of business you are in, you’re likely going to build up a lot of stuff over the years.  From office centers to manufacturing facilities to school systems, eventually, the stuff that you have outgrows the space that you can fit it in… In some cases, some of these items can be thrown out, but what if it’s something you could need in the future?  What if these pieces of equipment or appliances can be used as a replacement down the road?  It does make sense to get rid of these things when they still can provide value for you later on, but at the same time, keeping them around your facility only causes them to get in the way if they’re not being used.  Luckily, Panel Built’s prefabricated storage units provide the perfect solution to fix this problem.


    For either long or short-term, Panel Built’s prefabricated storage units provide top of the line protection for all your storage needs.  Unlike renting a storage space from a large facility, a personal prefab storage unit allows your company to have a space that fits exactly what you need and exactly what you’re storing.  But, perhaps the greatest benefit to having your own storage space, is the easy accessibility of having the unit on-site.  So, whenever the equipment or materials do need to be put to use, there will be no wasted time traveling to get them, as they will be right there with you.

    Overall, there’s a number of benefits to using Panel Built’s prefab storage units to solve your space needs…


    Modular Quality

    The greatest attribute of Panel Built’s prefabricated storage buildings is the overall increased quality In our units compared to the typical structure seen on the market.  We are not in the business of providing tin cans to throw some stuff inside.  The storage buildings we provide are constructed with the exact same quality as all of our buildings, utilizing a composite panel that offers an increased insulation and ultimate weather protection. When placing equipment or materials into storage, your company should assure they come out in the same condition that they went in.

    Our prefab buildings are assembled by our modular construction experts in our controlled, factory environment.  Because of this, we are able to ensure the quality of each of the storage buildings that we send out to our customers.  If there is even the tiniest flaw, we will fix it before sending the building out.  This is how we ensure each of our buildings provides the highest quality for our customers, keeping your property always protected.   Buying your prefab building with Panel Built ensures that you’re buying a fully functional, modular building from a manufacturer that has been trusted in the modular construction industry for over 20 years.

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    The Ease of Prefab Storage Buildings

    As mentioned before, these storage units are shipped to your facility already fully assembled.  For you, that means all that is left is taking it off the truck, anchoring it to the ground, and hooking up any necessary amenities.  The process has been streamlined in order for it to be as easy as possible for you.


    The buildings themselves are erected atop a forkliftable steal base, allowing them to be easily moved where ever they are required. What’s even better, if you decide that you need to move the location of your storage building, they are highly mobile, and you can easily from place to place!

    By using your own storage area, your facility will be able to minimize the amount of time it takes to store and receive items from the unit.  Being highly mobile and adaptable, the building can be positioned in the most convenient and efficient area for you.  Meaning, over time, you will be able to save a ton of time that you would have otherwise spent traveling back and forth.

    However, if you would like the building to be assembled on site, that is an option that we provide as well.  In this case, Panel Built ships all the materials for your prefab storage unit to the job site.  Then they would simply be installed on a concrete slab, add in electric, and it’s ready to go!

    Customized How You Need

    Prefab-Storage-BuildingWith our prefab storage units being composed panels, the designs and layout possibilities are practically endless, meaning we can provide you with the storage area that perfectly fits your needs.

    First, the panels themselves can be adapted to fit what you need to be stored.  For example, if you have materials or equipment that are sensitive to heat or coldness, we can increase the R-Value of the panels and provide the building with an HVAC system to keep the room at a constant temperature year-round.  And if the building would be in a dusty or harsh environment, we can utilize our steel skin surfaces on the inside and outside of the building to make them more durable and easier to clean and maintain.

    As for the building itself, Panel Built can design and outfit your unit with the size and configuration that fits your needs best.  We routinely outfit our prefab storage units with roll-up doors or double doors in order to allow for larger pieces of equipment to be moved inside.  These roll-up doors are typically used in tandem with a higher overall wall panel height, which can be adjusted as well. This allows your new storage building to accommodate machinery, equipment, or materials in a variety of sizes.  Overall, the main goal of our buildings is finding the one size that fits you.

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    Overall, we build our prefab storage units the same way we build the rest of our modular buildings with incredible quality and attention to detail.  We deliver a top of the line structure because that is the standard that we hold ourselves to and it’s what our customers demand.  Using modular construction, Panel Built can supply you with the storage space that fits your specific needs with quality and quickness.  If you think a prefab storage unit could help your facility, give us a call at ?800-636-3873, send us an email to info@Panelbuilt.com, or Request a Quote. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to find a solution.



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