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Variety of Car Condo Structures To Maximize Space!

Providing a wide range of prefabricated structures and buildings, Panel Built, Inc. can supply a number of solutions to help you create your perfect Car Condo.  First, to increase the usable space in the condo, Panel Built fabricates custom, heavy-duty platforms. These steel platforms and mezzanines are able to double the usable space within the condo, perfect for creating extra storage or leisure areas. Additionally, Panel Built can combine our platform and modular building designs to create a professional office space, shop, or study in your car condo.

Expandable Designs For Person or Multi-Condo Spaces

Panel Built designs and fabricates each of our projects 100% to our customers' specifications.  Because of this, Panel Built can provide solutions for personal, single-person car condos to large-scale, commercial car condo properties.  Although prefabricated, Panel Built's mezzanine and modular buildings are provided in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials to give the car condo a sleek, contemporary aesthetic to complement the surrounding vehicles.  In addition to car condos, Panel Built's structures have been installed into personal jet hangars, corporate headquarters, aerospace institutions, and other fine establishments

Proven, Quality Products

As a modular construction provider over 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. has completed over 10,000 modular construction projects across the United States and internationally. Over this time, Panel Built has become one of the most trusted companies in the business.

Super Support

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential, free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. We aim to deliver all quotes within 24-28 hours, and each quoted project will receive it's own, custom 3D model for easy visualization.

Flexibility For The Future

Panel Built's structures are considered semi-permanent in nature, meaning they can easily be uninstalled, added on to, or reconfigured in the future.  If you want to upgrade your car condo more in the future, our system can easily be expanded to fit your needs.

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