70 Foot Steel Military Tower with Operator Cab

70 Foot Military Tower with Operator Cab


Military Towers


Eamon Chase, a Service Disabled Veteran Small Business (SDVOSB), requested our support in building a surveillance tower on their site assessment and development work for the US military and for veteran affairs. 


Our client has knowledgeably chosen us to implement a superior option that best suits project performance standards, scheduling, and cost-value.

Panel Built Delivers:

Panel Built Inc. did everything in its capacity to satisfy Eamon Chase, Inc. by providing the general contractor company excellent and professional services. This custom-designed architectural observation tower has 90 mph rated walls! 

Project Specification:

The 70-foot steel tower has a 16-foot x 16-foot foundation with an enclosure on the cabin side and the front with a wrap-around framework and an IBC stairway. The building system uses gray polished steel and is 256 square feet. The HVAC unit in the cabin includes 17,600 BTU cooling and 11,100 BTU heating measurements. The structural and load rating of the mezzanine is 125 PSF – L/360. The tower includes a 1/12 pitch panelized roof with a 9" eave coated using a solvent-free polyurethane adhesive with two-part pressure. The operator's room was constructed from steel skinned bronze trimming panels all authentically made from Panel Built.

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