Prefabricated Bus Shelter Case Study



With US cities growing faster and faster, the construction of new buildings and structures seems to be never-ending, including those structures in the public transit sector.  With transit routes changing and being added over time, different areas throughout the city will be required to have bus stops installed at a moment’s notice.  And with new bus stops, new bus shelters are also needed. However, with the bus stops being located on the side of city streets, any type of prolonged construction could cause massive traffic jams.  So, looking for an alternative to stick-built, cities are trying to find new ways to quickly install new bus shelters without the city going into a gridlock.



In order to minimize the amount of time working on the street, Panel Built prefabricates the structure in their manufacturing facility. Using a prefab bus shelter, the structure can be shipped to the job site fully fabricated.  From there, the structure only needs to be lifted off the back of the truck and place in its final location.  Finally, anchor the shelter into place and the entire project is finished.  With +90% of the project being completed away from the job site, the installation time is kept to a bare minimum keeping that section of the city up and running without creating a giant disruption.


Panel Built Delivers

The bus shelter is a 5’x10’ four-sided welded steel structure.  The full glass walls give the structures a full 360-degree field of vision for the passengers inside.   The shelter’s painted in white using a prime to paint system with manufacturer’s epoxy primer with a urethane finish. The roof of the structure consists of 3” thick, aluminum panels and has lift rings so that it may easily be lifted into place at the job site.  The interior of the bus shelter comes equipped with a pre-installed bench area that spans across the entire back of the structure.

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