Custom Inplant for Electronics Manufacturer

Custom Modular Office


Challenge: The company, Crestron Electronics, was looking for a specialized work area that could accommodate the movement of tall equipment, and machinery. Also, they did not wish to have metal roof decking in case there were to be a fire in the area.  

Solution: Panel Built, with the help of Bill Bavagnoli and Specialized Storage Systems, provided a structure with a removable header above the door frame.  The sprinklers above the would melt the ceiling tiles, and the water could easy flow through the room and extinguish any fire below.

Project Specifications: Overall, this 25’ x 30’ modular office building had a few unique features that stood out above our usual system. The building featured a 12’ tall vinyl covered gypsum wall panel system with windows lining one of the 25’ walls and one of the 30’ walls.  The removable header allowed for a 10’9” clearance from the floor, providing more flexibility.  The building features 1 hour, meltaway ceiling tiles and modular wiring to provide electricity to the structure.

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