Exterior Structures Case Studies

Drill Tower
Panel Built Exterior Building
Prefabricated Operators Booth
School Guard Booth
Ship Quarters
security parking booth
In Stock Shelter


Key West Golf Club

See how our welded steel guard booth for Key West Golf Club faired through 2017’s treacherous hurricane season.




International Challenge Course Company

3-Story Air Attack Training TowerChallenge: This company was contracted to build a unique combat training structure for Nellis AFB.Solution: They had worked with Panel Built before, and chose them with confidence to produce a superior product that satisfied the design requirements, time frame and price for the project…



British Petroleum

Challenge: To capture rich natural gas reserves in Wyoming, BP had to create a living and working environment in a very remote location. This project had to be completed quickly, under extremely harsh working conditions…





Oceaneering Multiflex needed two elevated exterior metal buildings that could withstand hurricane force winds. Panel Built provided a unique design that met all of their specifications…



Manhattanville College Guard Booth

Manhattanville College needed an extra addition to their beautiful college campus that provided safety and style. When the old, gorgeous college asked if Panel Built could provide a guard booth that also contained stone on it, Panel Built provided…




US Navy Landing Shacks

New landing shelters were needed to aid in aviation landings. The location also had specific color requests to match standard aviation colors.





Union County High School Guard Booth

Taking steps to ensure school safety is of the utmost importance. Union County High needed a way to check everyone who came and left the school during the day.



Icicle Seafoods, Inc. (Modular at Sea)

Panel Built, Inc. takes on the unique challenge of manufacturing a modular building that can withstand rigors and harsh weather of the Pacific Ocean!




Convention Center Attendant Booths

The City of Dallas faced two problems at their Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, a 2,000,000 square foot complex in the heart of the city…




Prefabricated Bus Shelters

With US cities growing faster and faster, the construction of new buildings and structures seems to be never-ending, including those structures in the public transit sector….


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