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Patriot Products LLCTower Booth

Challenge: The Marines of Barstow, California needed a rifle range tower that provided an intercom or P.A system. Not only did they need a tower with such difficult requirements, but also needed the
building to be mobile. This intricate project was perfect for our Panel Built Team.

Solution: The Marines went to Patriot Targets to help them find a solution to their problem. Patriot Targets joined with Panel Built to come up with the solution of mounting a Panel Built designed building on top of a mobile trailer.

Prefab TowerPanel Built Delivers: Patriot Targets chose Panel Built to design, manufacture, and install a modular rifle range tower that could be mobile and contained a P.A system.

Project Specs: A pre-assembled building that was 4’ x 6’x 8’. Flooring was 12 gauge galvanized tread plate and rubber tile finished.

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