Customer Testimonials
  • We needed modular facilities quickly, as our customer, Robins Air Force Base, had specific timelines we had to meet. One call to Panel Built solved my company’s need for a quality supplier and the government’s request for timeliness on this project. Panel Built performed beyond all expectations.

    – DW Harper, Project Superintendent

  • The decision to go with Panel Built resulted in a flexible (floor plan) office addition and reduced the loss of floor space to almost nothing; while allowing an expansion that we needed.

    – David Bakare CEO, Executive Coach Builders

  • Jim Wilson

    We needed it done fast, and we needed it done right. We chose Panel Built because we knew they would deliver.

    – Jim Wilson President

  • We were very comfortable with Panel Built. There was nothing standard about this building, and we needed it quickly. They met our schedule and made sure we were satisfied.

    – Stephen “Doc” Sellers, Plant Engineer, Corrugated Replacements Jim Wilson President David Bakare CEO, Executive Coach Builders

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