What advantages does modular hold over conventional construction methods?

Modular Construction

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  • Pre-designed
  • Pre-engineered.
  • Complete detailing package: including specifications and all components necessary to place order at no charge.
  • Quality inspected and approved materials. Volume purchasing power for lower cost.
  • Prefabricated to minimize an interruption of production. (Less Time–Less Mess—Less Noise)
  • Easily expandable system manufactured to match in appearance and to accept additions.
  • Relocatable by fork-lift or crane— Disassemble and reassemble–Never lose capital investment.
  • Longer lifetime of material such as steel, aluminum, etc., for more exact fits and tolerances.
  • 7 year tax depreciation.
  • Single source.
  • Interchangeable panels, doors, windows and other parts.
  • Fast, easy and cost effective installation.



 Conventional Construction

  • Requires architectural time and expenditure.
  • Requires engineering time and expenditure.
  • Bid packages or a professional spec writer is time consuming and costly—A poorly communicated project could be a disaster.
  • Building materials and quality vary day to day. Increased costs due to numerous trips or additional orders for building supplies.
  • Interrupted operations and increased construction time, not to mention wet paint, sheet rock dust, debris, and noisy tools.
  • Difficult to match existing construction after time. Added levels could require more reinforcement in structure.
  • Requires demolition resulting in debris removal and higher reconstruction costs. Longer construction time.
  • Construction materials have a distinctively shorter lifetime than materials used in modular construction.
  • 33 year tax depreciation.
  • A reliable contractor or multiple trades must be located and coordinated for each project.
  • Contractors rarely use the same materials project to project.
  • Environmental delays, plant down-time, union labor etc. can add costs to the project.

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