Custom Built Guard Houses For Sale

Custom Exterior Buildings


Not only does Panel Built, Inc. manufacture standard quick ship guard booths, but we are also capable of producing highly customized guard booths and exterior buildings.Pre-Assembled or as a “Knock-Down” package, a Panel Built modular building can be designed to incorporate custom doors, windows, pass-through openings and many other common requirements for specialty modular buildings.

Custom Painted Guard Houses For Sale

We can also have your guard house custom painted to match almost any color.


Guard Booth Finishes and Accessories

Panel Built can finish the exterior of your building with brick or stone facade, parapit or hip roofs, awnings, etc. to accomodate your specific needs. On the inside, we offer a selection of countertops, flooring types, panel finishes, and ceiling systems.
Panel Built will also provide lightning protection, public address sytems, and other electrical components as needed to ensure a truly turn-key solution.


Affordable Guard Towers

Elevate your custom guard booth with a structural steel tower in order to increase visibility; we can do it all! Call today to speak with one of our modular building experts about how Panel Built can help your next project be a success! We are one of the top companies that sell guard booth and guard towers.

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