Commercial Generator Enclosures | Weatherproof | Sound Attenuated

Weatherproof Generator Enclosure Design

Panel Built's new line of commercial generator enclosures utilize an aluminum framing design with a fully welded roof.   With the roof system is welded at all seams, the chance of problem-causing cracks and leaks is minimized as much as possible. 


Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosures

In addition to our standard weatherproof generator enclosure, Panel Built offers enclosure designs with added sound attenuation. Panel Built generator enclosures can be manufactured to meet two different levels of sound attenuation:

  • Level 1 Sound Attenuation (15 dba sound reduction)
  • Level 2 Sound Attenuation ( 25 dba sound reduction)


Unmatched Durability

Our generator enclosure's aluminum frame design, coupled with its aluminum exterior skin ensures the structure withstands even the harshest environments.  The aluminum skin guarantees rust prevention, keeping the enclosure in top condition. In this environment, the generator fully protected providing a longer overall enclosure lifespan. 


Focus on Form and Function

As with all of Panel Built's structures, our generator enclosures aim to offer you a top-of-the-line product that our customers can be proud of. The sleek aluminum exterior of Panel Built generator enclosures can be painted in a variety of color options to fit customer request or fit in with pre-existing architecture.  With all of Panel Built's generator enclosures custom built to user's specifications, the look can be adjusted to fit each customer's taste.


Turn-Key Provider

Panel Built, Inc. can handle every phase of your project. Through design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation, we strive to ensure the entire process is as convenient and problem-free as possible for our customers. Panel Built has over 20 years experience in the prefabricated construction industry and has all the tools necessary to take your generator enclosure project from start to finish.

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