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Wide Range of Baseball Dugout Styles

Open & Enclosed Modular Dugouts

Panel Built's Modular Baseball Dugouts can be designed and manufactured in a variety of different styles, layouts, and dimensions.  Panel Built's enclosed modular dugout is a three-walled building and an overhanging roof to keep the players out of the elements.  Enclosed modular dugouts can be formed from either our welded steel-framed design or from our panelized wall system.  These assemblies can be delivered to the project site fully assembled and ready for installation.

For those in search of an open-style dugout, Panel Built offers a dugout canopy.  This system utilizes a series of columns to support our roof system. Like our enclosed design, our open dugout canopies offer shelter from inclement weather and provide much-needed shade during the hot summer games.

Baseball Dugout Designs for All Levels of Play

Panel Built's offers baseball dugout designs to help integrate into every level of play from tee-ball to college athletics.  Many public fields utilize a baseball dugout design similar to our open, dugout canopies with a chain-link fence enclosing the area.  However, for higher levels of play, Panel Built can provide high-end enclosed modular dugouts with heavy-duty design.  These designs can include attached equipment buildings, air vents, wall fans, equipment racks, mounted benches, and more.

Modular Dugouts Fit into Existing Campus Aesthetic

As a modular construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built has the experience needed to produce a dugout system that seamlessly blends into your existing campus.  Since modular dugouts are used frequently in both new ballpark construction and as a replacement solution, we can adapt our system to match the surrounding architecture.  This includes color matching, faux-stone/brick siding, and custom designs.

Proven Quality

Over the past 25 years, Built, Inc. has completed over 10,000 modular projects, working all across the United States and internationally. Panel Built has the experience and know-how to deliver the perfect dugout for your ballpark.

High Durability

As a structure that must withstand dozens of baseball games a year, Panel Built's heavy-duty, modular design help ensure your new dugout holds up against the elements, retaining the same great look.

Customer Service Driven

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have on our modular dugouts.

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