A new era in the modular building system industry

by Conrad Walker


At 5:30 pm, October 19th, the first 2-Day Quick Ship building by Panel Built went out the door; less than 30 hours after the order was put into production. Panel Built’s 2-Day shipping program was announced about a month ago as a way for customers with time sensitive needs to acquire a quality modular building system quickly.
It is important to note we are not talking about mobile offices (“trailers”), but instead a modular building system that comes as a “knock-down” package. The system includes wall panels, roof decking, drop ceiling, electrical components, and other necessary hardware to install the office. At the moment, standard offices 8’x8’ up to 20’x40’ qualify for 2-Day shipping.
Panel Built hopes customers will remember the 2-Day shipping program the next time they are faced with difficult time constraints.
A Panel Built 2-Day Quick Ship building can be ordered, manufactured, and shipped within two days; and once on site, can be assembled in less than a week. For more information about Panel Built’s 2-Day Quick Ship program, visit our Quick Ship Information Page or call your Panel Built representative.

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