Annual Bowling Party

by Conrad Walker


Friday, August 5th, was the 11th annual Panel Built, Inc. bowling extravaganza at Galaxy Bowling in Blairsville, GA. Each year, Panel Built treats its’ employees to an afternoon of fellowship, food, fun, and of course . . . bowling! Although there were some very talented bowlers participating in this year’s tournament; the focus was on having fun. In fact, the most coveted prize to be won was the Award for Best Team Name! This year’s winner: “Mines in the Gutter”

Other notable award winners were Team Zero for lowest total score and Zach Moore with the most strikes. Zach is the son of Panel Line worker Tim Moore, and actually had to compete in a “strike-off” against Panel Built draftsman Ken “Copperhead” Carpenter, who was recently bitten on the finger by a Copperhead. Unfortunately for Ken, the bite was on his non-bowling hand and therefore, was no excuse.

In the end, everyone got into the act. Even Dave Arnold, recently promoted to GM, was showing good form; bowling an impressive 175. “Isn’t this great,” Dave remarked, “Panel Built is such a fun company to work for!”

The feeling of gratitude seemed to be echoed by everyone in attendance, as they all had the same thing to say, “Thank you Panel Built for being such a great company to work for, but more importantly, to be a part of!” For more pictures of the Panel Built bowling party, visit our Facebook page at

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