Company Pride

Richard Sarrell

Everyone loves company pride.


Here at Panel Built, we have tapped into and encouraged that sense of company pride this year. By teaming up with Coosa Creek Marketing Products, a locally owned and operated promotional apparel company, Panel Built was able to take an idea and run with it.

That idea, encourage company pride by providing company apparel. And so, the Panel Built Pride Points program began. Each full-time employee was allotted 100 points to begin with; points they could, in turn, exchange for Panel Built embroidered apparel. Once their points were depleted, additional points could be earned by implementing cost-saving ideas or by going above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday activities.
The program has been a huge success.


By teaming up with Coosa Creek, Panel Built has been able to offer its employees a wide range of different clothing. Options include oxfords, polo shirts, soft-shell jackets, hoodedsweatshirts, ball caps, t-shirts, and much more! Furthermore, each item is available in a multitude of sizes and color options, allowing each employee to put his/her own twist on their Pride Points apparel.

With the Pride Points program, Panel Built has not only fostered company pride, but stimulated local business as well. An ongoing account with our local embroider has made for efficient ordering and optimal customization.

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