Cutting the Ribbon – Installation of new Ballistic Rated Guardhouse at Wright-Patterson AFB

Richard Sarrell

It’s time to cut the ribbon. One of Panel Built, Inc.’s ballistic rated buildings has finally been installed and at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and is now up and running. Complete with power, storage, and restroom facilities, this Level 5 Ballistic Rated building will not onlyprovide comfort, but will withstand a .30 caliber rifle round at 10 meters.


The 8’ by 16’ building was moved and positioned via crane, thanks to a specially designed, structural steel base (also fabricated by Panel Built). The base allows for both forklift and crane-lift mobility, and therefore offers the option of relocation should the customer desire.

The building, constructed of hardened steel and Kevlar reinforced panels, was preassembled at Panel Built Inc.’s steel fabricating plant and shipped complete to the jobsite. The building’s windows are also ballistic rated, providing maximum safety to its occupants. The building’s doors (approximately 600 lbs. each) are also ballistic rated. Complete with restroom facilities, full HVAC comfort, and a pre-installed snap-lock metal roof, this new building not only provides comfort, but protection as well.

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