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Fiscal Year End Party

by Elizabeth Hammock

It’s that time a year a again when we look back on the fiscal and year and review all we have accomplished. This year to commemorate all of the hard work of the year Panel Built held a Cajun cookout complete with gumbo, shrimp and grits, and etouffee made by our in house chef/install manager, Shane Wright. Before it was time to eat the management team at Panel Built spoke briefly about the past year’s performance, upcoming changes and new goals for the new fiscal year.

Fiscal Year End Party

This year we reached 94% percent of our sales goal, and have raised the bar yet again for the ’14-’15 fiscal year. To help us reach the new goal we have hired 2 new sales representatives. Kate Durrough will be leaving her current position in Atlanta to join us. Kate has a very outgoing and engaging personality that we know will fit right in with the rest of our team. Abe Kiernan has also recently joined the team. As the son of Panel Built’s owner, Abe has grown up around Panel Built and is very knowledgeable of the product and what it takes to be a great sales representative. We hope to add more great people to our sales team as we grow this year.
Another department that will be growing this year is our engineering department. Ryan Strohl and Tyler Martin have been doing a great job helping our engineering department with our growing demand. Also, two of our long time employees, Kevin Thompson and Terry Breland, will be moving to our engineering/quality department and are expected to make an immediate impact thanks to their existing knowledge of our products and processes. Additionally, our engineering manager Josh Wallace has been promoted and will now also wear the hat of quality manager. We believe his hard work, dedication, and extensive product knowledge made him the perfect fit for the job.
All of the new changes here at Panel Built are being made to help achieve our new fiscal year goals. As always we will be focusing on quality, speed, and customer service. We all look forward to what the new year will bring and are excited to reach new heights!

Fiscal Year End Party
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