Georgia Tech’s 4th Annual LEAN Leadership Event

by Conrad Walker

May 10th was the 4th Annual Georgia Tech LEAN Consortium LEAN Leadership event at the Atlanta Airport Marriot Gateway. The topic of the day was “Respect for People: Raising the Value of Your Most Important Assets through the Use of the Harada Method,” which was presented by noted author and publisher Norman Bodek.

Norman has been working in lean since the early 1980’s when he began traveling to Japan for the first time. He has since been to Japan 80 times and visited over 250 manufacturing plants there in order to learn the best practices of LEAN manufacturing.

Mr. Bodek spoke on his experiences, learning’s, and general feelings about management techniques, in particular, the Harada Method. This method is a way for people to pick goals for personal success and to work out detailed plans to achieve that success, while also helping the organization improve performance.

For those familiar with LEAN, you know the LEAN organization is built on two pillars of success: “respect for people” and “continuous improvement.” Both of these pillars are exemplified in the Harada Method which increases the responsibilities of the employees in order to encourage individual growth.

In closing, Mr. Bodek explained, the goal of LEAN and all the tools and practices associated with it is to “do what it takes to get better – everyday!”

That is just what we strive to do at Panel Built, Inc. . .Get better every day! For more information on the Georgia Tech LEAN Consortium, visit their website at:

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