GSA Teaming Agreements

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What is a GSA Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?

A GSA Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) is an arrangement between two or more GSA Schedule contractors to work together to meet agency requirements. The CTA document is a written agreement between team members detailing the responsibilities of each team member.
The CTA allows the contractor to meet the government agency needs by providing a total solution that combines the supplies and/or services from the team members’ separate GSA Schedule contracts. It permits contractors to complement each other’s capabilities to compete for orders for which they may not independently qualify. A customer benefits from a CTA by buying a solution, rather than making separate buys from various contractors.

When should GSA Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) be set up?
GSA Schedule contractors can establish a CTA in advance of any known requirement or after requirements are defined and the Request for Quotation (RFQ) issued. Having an on-the-shelf team arrangement for non-complex buys will allow the contractors to respond quickly and easily when requirements emerge. For highly complex buys, a customized CTA may be required. In either case, the CTA should include the names of the team members, their respective GSA Schedule contract numbers, and a description of the responsibilities of each team member.
Agencies should review CTAs to ensure that the CTAs clearly delineate team member responsibilities and provide for coordination and cooperation between team members, thus diminishing the risk for all parties involved.
What are the benefits of a GSA Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)?
Satisfies the customer with a single solution;
· Increases competitive edge;

· Increases market share;

· Increases visibility;

· Focuses on core capabilities;

· Obtains complementary capabilities;

· Integrates different skills;

· Offers additional opportunities with customers;

· Builds direct relationships with customers;

· Maximizes use of one or more GSA Schedule solutions;

· Shares risks and rewards;

· Allows more opportunities for small and small disadvantaged businesses; and reduces the number of items Schedule contractors need to carry on their Schedule contracts, thus reducing inventory and tracking costs

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