Modular: The Future of Construction

In today’s economic climate, many industries are looking at innovation to stay afloat. The construction industry is no different. The modular building movement has been gaining momentum for over a decade; and with funding and time now at a premium,
by Conrad Walker


a modular in-plant office system on a mezzanineProductivity, safety, and environmental quality are all enhanced by modular construction and prefabrication techniques. “All the pieces (are) coming together now to transform the construction industry,” thinks Harvey Bernstein, vice president of industry insights at McGraw-Hill Construction.

Bernstein and his colleagues conducted a survey of 809 contractors as well as in-depth interviews with 15 owners. The research discovered modular construction is being used in a number of industries including: health-care, education, manufacturing, utilities, and even residential construction.

While concerns have been voiced about the cost and planning time required for a modular project, according to Bernstein, “the methods fill skilled-labor gaps, limit disruption of existing business operations, provide just-in-time delivery …and a controlled production environment that produces better quality building components.” Not to mention, owners who have recently completed a modular building project “reported savings of up to six months.”

Apart from the time savings versus traditional stick construction, there is also the savings due to the IRS tax laws concerning modular construction. A Panel Built structure depreciates nearly 18% quicker than conventional construction; and is also eligible to be written off (up to $500,000) in the year the structure is built and occupied.

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