Modular Vs. Stick Built

by Elizabeth Hammock

Historically, the most common method of construction has been “stick built”. Raw materials are shipped in, cut to size, and assembled on site. This construction method has several disadvantages. Unpredictable weather can shut down worksites, damage materials, and adversely affect the workers. Measuring, cutting, fitting, and nailing each “stick” is tedious and time consuming. Jobsite mistakes waste material and drive up costs.

Portable Building - Used for More than Construction

While the majority of construction projects today still utilize this method of construction, modular construction can minimize and often eliminate the cutting, hammering, and nailing without impacting the quality of construction. Modular components are manufactured in a factory. The factory setting allows for more stringent quality control and shorter build times. Building components remain clean and there is less of an environmental impact. Modular construction is often associated with trailers. Trailers are not the whole story. Modular buildings can be custom designed to accommodate virtually any need or requirement. Best of all, modular construction is 20-30 percent less costly than stick-built.

UPDATE: We have made a handy Infographic about the benefits of prefabricated construction and the advantages of building modular

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