Modular Walls for a Good Cause

Helping Hands Clinic assisted by local volunteers and businesses
by Elizabeth Hammock


Blairsville resident Paul Holliday is a man on a mission. He and fellow church members at the House of Prayer had a vision of a non-profit local clinic to give free or discounted care to people without insurance. With the help of local volunteers and health care providers, the vision soon became a reality.

For a while, the clinic was located at the church, but word spread quickly and they needed more space. Recently, they were able to move to a new unit at the Brackett’s Way complex in town.

The owner of the complex, local real estate developer Bob Head agreed to let them occupy the space rent free. Local modular manufacturer Panel Built Inc. donated materials to create private rooms and PBI install partition wallscrew member Josh Cheek donated his time to help with installation.


“We gave them about 71 linear feet of partition walls,” said Panel Built salesman Adam McPherson, who is also a member of the House of Prayer.

Panel Built president Mike Kiernan was glad to contribute to the project. “When I found out what they were doing I thought it was an awesome outreach to the people of our area,” he said. “We were happy to be a part of it. It’s all from God.”

According to Holliday, the clinic serves mostly younger adults who don’t fall under the umbrella of Peach Care (the state of Georgia’s discounted health care for children) or Medicare.

Holliday is the Security Guard and Chaplain for the clinic, and he gives more than his time. He also shared his talent, painting a beautiful life-sized mural on one wall depicting Christ healing a cripple.

The clinic is funded solely by donations and provides non-critical care. They hope to expand to the suite next door and offer radiology and dental services in the near future.

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