Panel Built Gold Star Award

Lindie Beck

As a means of recognizing employees who have distinguished themselves at Panel Built, General Manager Dave Arnold has instituted the “Gold Star Award” program!


The Gold Star Award for the month of June 2012 goes to Panel Built Install Crew Leader Bart Beise! Bart comes to management’s attention through hard work and dedication of installed products, and after recognition by a number of Panel Built clientele as well as Panel Built’s own engineering staff. A recent customer writes of Bart…”he has gone above-and-beyond” in the “amount of work he’s put in, for the quality of the results of his effort, and for the positive attitude with which he works.”

Panel Built Engineering Manager Josh Wallace describes Bart as “always courteous and he has a high standard of quality. He genuinely takes ownership of the project and does what is required to make the installation a success and make the customer happy.”

Panel Built is proud to have an employee that possesses such tremendous work ethic and one that takes such pride in the work that he does for this company. Bart is not only an inspiration but an example of what it takes to truly strive towards World Class.

Way to go Bart!!

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