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Panel Built, Inc. offers an extensive selection of high quality products. From modular offices to mezzanines, from guard rails to guardhouses, Panel Built knows that in order to please a broad customer base, you have to offer a wide variety. However, a trend has been occurring in the past few years. Panel Built, Inc. has been cranking out tower projects.


Though the product has been offered for quite some time, lately there has been a surge in tower output. In the past year, Panel Built has built 12 separate towers ranging from about15 feet all the way to 50 feet in height! These towers have also kept Install Manager Shane Wright on his toes, because his install crews have traveled east to South Carolina, and all the way west to Hawaii to build 11 of these 12 tower projects!

However, there is a reason for this increase in tower jobs. Panel Built offers a multitude of options to fit your tower to your exact needs! Not only does Panel Built fabricate the steel frame, we can offer it galvanized or powder-coated for an attractive and durable finish. Furthermore, Panel Built offers fully furnished modular offices that can be lifted by crane and installed on top of our towers! Not only can you view a wide expanse of land, you can do it comfortably!

Clearly, Panel Built Inc. is a leader in the tower industry, and will continue to be one.

If you need a tower, you now know who to come to! Panel Built offers free quotes for all projects, and will cater to your tower needs.

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