Panel Built Safety
Panel Built Safety

by Elizabeth Hammock

At Panel Built we hold safety at the utmost importance. So far this year we have had only one minor injury and no lost time accidents. The different departments have been rewarded with a free lunch for each month they go without injury which is something to be careful for! We will continue to strive for this high performance to make sure our employees stay safe and our products continue to be of superior quality. we want to keep giving free lunch! Here are a few warehouse safety tips we follow and encourage other to do also.

  • Visually inspect for sharp objects or other hazards before reaching into containers such as garbage cans, boxes, ags, or sinks.
  • When cutting shrink wrap with a blade, always cut away from you and your coworkers.
  • Do not try to kick objects out of pathways; push or carry them out of the way.
  • Do not let items overhang from shelves into walkways.
  • Move Slowly when approaching blind corners.
  • Remove one object at a time from shelves.
  • Place items on shelves so that they lie flat and do not wobble.
  • When loading hand trucks, keep your feet clear of the wheels.
  • Do not exceed the manufacturers load rated capacity.
  • Tip the load slightly forward so that the tongue of the hand truck goes under the load.
  • Push the tongue of the hand truck all the way under the load that is to be moved.
  • Do not walk backward with the hand truck, unless going up stairs or ramps.
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