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Peyton Brewer Going to Skills USA Nationals

Peyton Brewer Going to Skills USA Nationals

Peyton Brewer Going to Skills USA Nationals
By: Joanna Lance

Peyton Brewer, one of Panel Built’s own employees, is heading to Louisville, KY, June 22nd – 27th. He will be representing not just Union County High School, but the whole state of Georgia in the Welding Fabrication portion of the SkillsUSA championship competition. He beat out every other competitor in the state of Georgia to win the title of State Champion in the welding competition.

Tasked with welding a smoker together in just six and a half hours, his Metals teacher, Derick Dillinger, thinks Peyton has what it takes to go all the way. “Peyton has a great work ethic. You can give him an assignment or task, and he stays on top of it until it’s finished” said Derick. Also noting, “He’ll do whatever is necessary to get the project done.”

Considering the stringent guidelines all of the welding fabrication competitors must follow, doing whatever is necessary is exactly what Peyton will have to do in order to win. The official SkillsUSA website reads, “Team competition requires three students from each school to use their welding and fabrication skills to build a designed project from the given material. Each team is required to be skilled in the following welding and cutting processes: SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and OFC. The students are also required to be proficient in using the common tools of a workshop.”

Having to follow a materials list and a set of guidelines that goes on for three pages, Peyton will have a chance to prove just exactly how great his work ethic is. We here at Panel Built know just how hard Peyton is willing to work, because we see it firsthand. Peyton credits working at Panel Built, along with his classes at UCHS, with helping him grow his welding skill set. Everyone back home in Georgia will be rooting for Peyton as he welds his way to the top. Congratulations on making it this far Peyton – the whole Panel Built team is proud of you!

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