Praise for Hard Work

The Panel Built Inc. Gold Star Award
Richard Sarrell


Panel Built employees go above and beyond on a regular basis. And we feel it is our responsibility to show those employees our gratitude.

Panel Built gives out a Gold Star award for employees that show the passion and dedication necessary to ensure our premium product reaches our customers in a timely manner, and with all necessary equipment intact.

Installer Mark Kelly was given the Gold Star after working an 84 hour week. Mark worked long days, and on into the evenings making sure a sensitive project made it onto the truck and off to the customer in a timely manner. Mark was given the Gold Star award, along with a cash reward, and immediately promoted from “temp” status to full-time employment. Mark accepted his award during the 2012 Chili Cookoff. Mark’s tenacity and willingness to go above and beyond proved that the work ethic that made Panel Built an industry leader is still thriving among its employees.


The next Gold Star award went to the Shipping department, for what was an incredibly busy November. Panel Built’s 3-member shipping crew – Thomas Pries, Dennis O’Brien, and Janet Long – managed to ship out almost 60 jobs inNovember alone! The crew worked weekend shifts, evening shifts, and countless hours ensuring that ship dates were honored, sometimes sending out as many as 5 or 6 jobs in one day. Even Shipping Manager Stephen Maddaleni, between numerous phone calls with freight companies and customers, got out in the plant and helped his crew load and unload trucks.

General Manager Dave Arnold also awarded the shipping crew with cash, and said a few kind words congratulating and championing their hard work. Without dedicated crew members like these three, Panel Built could not be the modular building leader it is today.

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