Ringing the Bell

How Panel Built Celebrates a Big Win

Richard Sarrell
We have a tradition here at Panel Built, a rite of passage you might say. Its name….the Ringing of the Bell.
Now, most would look at the bell and think little of it. The bell is by no means large, or painfully loud. But what the bell lacks in size, it makes up for in significance. For the ringing of that bell means one thing:
Another sale. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Every customer is important, and every sale gets a bell ringing


he sound of the bell is often met with thunderous applause, especially for first time ringers. Pictures are taken, high fives are exchanged, and the entire sales wing becomes a momentary party. Not long ago, cheers rang out as saleswoman Lynne Maniotes rang the bell in celebration of closing a $300,000 job. Gladly posing for the camera, Lynne rang the bell with pride.

However, as soon as the celebrations are over, the sales team goes right back to work. Indeed, the phones are still ringing, and the leads are still coming in. But for those brief moments, the building takes a break and thanks another salesperson for a job well done.

The days everyone loves are the ones when the bell keeps ringing. Regardless of the noise and the cheers, the morale stays up when that bell keeps ringing. Ringing the bell means another satisfied customer is on the way, for they chose Panel Built. Our top quality product, our competitive lead times, and our constant customer service keep the bell ringing.

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