Union County High School Football 2015

Warner Robins 3-2tory

Union County High School Football 2015
Alex Kiernan
Summer is almost over which means football season is right around the corner! Our high school football team has worked hard this summer and we are all looking forward to an exciting season. Four of our very own Panel Built employees’ sons are key players for the UCHS football team: Joseph Mancuso, Cole Wright, Knox Kiernan, and R.J. Banton. Here is what the Gainesville accessWDUN news said about this season.

“Q: What kind of senior season do you believe Joseph Mancuso is in for and how has he improved? And who are some other players that you may be leaning on?

A: I think for Joseph maturity is the biggest thing. I think he’s starting to see things better, and he’s recognizing what the defenses are giving him. He still likes to throw that sucker deep, but he’s starting to understand what we’re trying to get out of it, and I think so far that’s been the main difference. Sam Gilbert is a returning receiver from last year that was a big-play guy for us and catches the ball well. He’s done a nice job. We’ve got a sophomore that we’ve been really impressed with this summer, Cole Wright. He’s also our back-up quarterback and will be working to be the quarterback next year most likely. And then we’ve had our kicker who played some receiver last year, just not a lot of it. Knox Kiernan has come out and shown some really good progress.”

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